This week’s topic is about eating more simply. That really means eating closer to the source.

That means less processed food.This is a topic that could last many pages, but this is a simple explanation to help you keep it simple. When we talk of eating closer to the source it means buying raw veggies, unprocessed meats, whole grain breads etc. Ok. But why?

When you buy processed foods you get more than you bargained for. You get preservatives. You get artificial coloring. You get less than stellar nutrition because it most likely has already had all the goodness cooked out of it. One of the reasons we over eat is we do not get the nutrition our bodies need. Your body will crave nutrition. You know it as a food craving. You fill that craving with whatever is available and a short time later you are hungry again. If you ate whole unprocessed foods, that nutrition void would be satisfied and there would be no craving. Quite simple, really.You-are-200x300

I am not into all that green stuff that is popular right now. In fact it makes me angry. I have always been green. I never wasted electricity, ran water wastefully or bought lots of stuff in packaging. Most processed foods are also over packaged. We like to see appealing packaging. You can tell by how much garbage one has. I have one of those small plastic shopping bags of garbage every week, half full if that. No fancy packaging. Mostly bulk foods. Natural foods. No artificial anything.

The old adage: you are what you eat, actually should be: you are what you’ve eaten.

People think eating out of a health food store is expensive. It is. It is if you buy the processed food, just like anywhere else. For example, bulk brown or white rice: $1.69 per pound. Uncle Ben’s precooked, reshaped, dehydrated quick 30 second in the microwave white rice? No idea, really. Never bought it!! Bet it isn’t $1.69 /pound. Bet it doesn’t have ANY nutrition in it. Save money, be healthier, be green if that is your thing. Less garbage, more nutrition. Sure it takes more time to be healthy. Nothing that is worthwhile is easy. Get over it.

Your health is YOUR responsibility. Look at our population. Scary. Don’t be lazy. The old adage: ‘you are what you eat’ actually should be: ‘you are what you’ve eaten’. Life long habits are just that. Eat more simply like your grand parents did. Your body will look better, feel more energetic, have more vitality and your quality of life will serve you better.
Thank you for’tuning in’ so I can continue my short speels on these topics.

Next week is about my #1 passion. Drinking more water!!

Yours in good health,


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