his is the first of many articles to come on health and general wellness. This information isn’t new, and you probably have heard much of it before. These concepts are very simple and most of them cost nothing. In fact, it may put gold in your pocket and add life to your years. After all, isn’t the quality of life more important than the quantity? Think about it.

My goal is to inform you, re-educate and show you the forgotten art of living simply. By the time you leave High School, you have many skills in how to survive in the business world. Most of us in the process of life lose sight of the basic skills to stay healthy. We need to be reminded.
For the next few months I will talk about 40 (or so) little hints that you can do all the time to stay healthy. They cost very little or nothing and can improve the quality of your life, one step at a time. Here goes!!



1)Wash your hands! Oh come on now. It is too simple. As soon as you get home from ANYWHERE, wash your hands. Don’t do anything else first except wash your hands. People sneeze, shake hands, touch gas pumps, etc. then open a door and bang! You get whatever was on their hands times THOUSANDS!!! Eeeuuuuu! Wash your hands after driving. Your steering wheel has your whole day of hands everywhere, all over it. Whatever you touch at home before you wash your hands. well, you know. It is really simple. Wash your hands with soap. You do not need the anti-bacterial soap. Regular soap is good. The more you use anti-bacterial soap, you are strengthening bacteria to become stronger. Bacteria will survive and may have to become stronger, super to survive. When we lose the ability to kill super bacteria it will kill us. Stay away from any of that kind of stuff.
You may e-mail me with questions about these articles or request a topic.Simply, wash your hands.


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