Welcome to Free Yoga with Elin!

Here are some guidelines to answer some of the questions you might have before you experience Free Yoga on Venice Beach, Florida.

Our free yoga classes with Elin were designed to help you evolve physically, mentally, and spiritually. At the physical level, yoga is extremely useful in increasing flexibility and lubrication of the joints, ligaments, and tendons, not to mention excellent toning of the muscles. All that will give you more stamina and make you agile, help heal existing injuries, and prevent new ones. Balance and lung capacity will show significant improvement as well.

IMPORTANT every stretch begins with a smile!

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First of all, it’s good to know what yoga is all about. Throughout history, yogic techniques practiced in both the East and West, so it would be an error to consider yoga an “Eastern import.” Yoga, with its powerful techniques for creating a sense of inner peace, harmony, and clarity of mind, is relevant to the modern world–both East and West. Given the increasing pace and conflict present in contemporary life, with all its resulting stress, one could say that yoga has become an essential tool for survival, as well as for expanding the creativity and joy of our lives.

All of the Free Beach Yoga with Elin classes located on Venice Beach, Florida practiced is with full awareness of the breath (the most powerful tool we have for releasing stress by being in the present moment). Yoga increases knowledge and appreciation for life by making us more aware of our body, feeling, and thought patterns so we can make better choices and take appropriate actions in our life. Yoga has been found to decrease stress levels and help individuals alleviate stress, depression, and other emotional issues. We offer many types of yoga, so try to experience as many as you can until you find a class that will be right for you. Let go of the ego and be open to a new possibility of positive change in your body, mind, and spirit most important every stretch begins with a smile. 

Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Drink lots of water before and after class.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that will give your limbs and torso a full range of motion.
  • Yoga mats: can be whatever you would like to bring typically a large beach blanket, yoga mat or if you prefer no mat just beach sand.

Yoga should be practiced barefoot

Besides –yoga should be practiced barefoot, so you feel more grounded and stable in the postures. Remember stretch ONLY at your ability, ouch is not the right word please be careful.

Let the instructor knows it’s your first time and discuss any health concerns

If you are pregnant or have any injury or pain, let the instructor know before class. 

Do not compare yourself to other students

Everyone begins from some starting point, and the person next to you might be someone who has been practicing yoga for a while or maybe someone more flexible or stronger than you. It is not about how you look but how you feel.

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Pain is not gain

Pay attention to your body–you don’t go beyond your limits. A modified posture does not mean it is more comfortable, only different to fit your ability. To honor where you are in your practice, and you will see the change in your body, mind, and soul happening organically. It is always good to be on time for class and stick with it to the end. It is essential to respect the practice of others, as well. 

Do not skip the last pose Savasana -deep relaxation. The Savasana at the end of class is just as important as the rest of the yoga class. The relaxation portion of the yoga class will quiet your mind and body. It will restore your body so you will feel complete surrender.

The first thing you need to do is to let go of any expectations. Yoga is about you and your practice. Because it is about you, it is already a beautiful thing. You should only expect to advance at your own pace and enjoy the grace, happiness, and fulfillment!