This is in addition to my earlier article today.

I left the impression that my dogs only eat chicken. Not true. I alternate the chicken with canned mackerel (wild caught with bones), raw hamburger or fish I may have caught or has been given. Dogs are meat eaters and should be respected as such. I feed as much raw as I can as, well, they’re dogs! They are meant to be raw.
My dogs are also wheat-free. Read last weeks article about wheat. I stay away from “frankenfood” for them and me. Wheat is no longer a good food and we all should look at alternate grains and really, cut much of the grain away from our diets and our pets. This all goes for cats too. Making cat food is the same. Commercial foods for animals are mostly garbage. Spend your time and money on good food and avoid illness, just like US!!!!
I have been doing food like this for so long that it is just part of life. It is not a chore. It is a joy.
Thanks for listening.boxer-dogs-4-boxers-with-white-background

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