Remember, read it and see if it makes sense to you. This is ONLY information being passed along. Just because it is on my radar doesn’t mean it is 100% accurate. I happen to agree with it which is why I am sharing it. JUST BE AWARE!!!

This is not just about eating corn! This pertains to consuming any product that in made from non organic corn…..this includes “high fructose corn syrup” which is Americans new sweetener of choice. The next time you grab the catsup, take a look at the label. If the catsup is not organic, you will see on the label “high fructose corn syrup” on brands such an Heinz and Del Monte. Check your Helmanns mayo as well! What about those corn dogs that kids seem to love? no the hot dogs aren’t made with corn (the sodium nitrates they contain are cancer causing enough) but the coating is made from toxic pesticide infested genetically modified corn. Not only zero nutritional value, but heavily chemical laden as well……

If you just love your corn, make sure it’s USDA Organic, and if it’s corn on the cob, don’t forget, stay away from the margarine!!!


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