Dear Elin, > We would like to extend our sympathy to Bryan’s family and at the same > time share a smile or two remembering him. Please send this to yoga email > list so folks can mention how they met Bryan and send them along to his > son’s. He was so special and one of the many pleasures we loved about > coming to yoga. The Two Euds. > > > We met Bryan, a very nice gentleman, > Waiting on Venice Beach > For those who came to morning yoga > He had something more to teach. > > He drew a rectangle every morning > In the sand, and to be sure > Drawn with perfect, straight lines > He had a knack for his procedure. > > It was to save Elin’s yoga spot > So no one would lay their blanket there > He watched out for all of us > Because he simply seemed to care. > > So how did we meet Bryan? > This lanky, lovable guy, > Elin, our yoga instructor, > Told him to introduce himself and say “Hi”. > The task of him remembering > Everybody’s name > Came to be very important > It was more than just a game. > > He’d walk across the sand > If you failed to come to say hello, > He’d asked about your childhood, > Past job or anything else he should know. > > He remembered all the details > But what we knew of him > Was maybe very little > So we asked Elin our friend > To send out this poem > To yoga friends Bryan knew > To let you know how special he was > Now that his day is through. > > We know he’s finally happy > And not in any pain, > Now when he walks into a room > Everyone will know his name. >

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