The relationship of breathing to posture and brain function. The rest of the story.
Breathing. So simple, so connected with everything we do. Another factor in good, efficient proper breathing is posture.breathing-300x241

Posture is another one of those voluntary and involuntary activities we subject ourselves to constantly. Whether or not you have good posture or poor posture it is a choice you make every time you sit or stand. Good posture has your shoulders back, chest open, head erect and knees with a slight bend in them when you are standing. You are taller and you breathe better. If you breathe better, more oxygen gets to each cell in your body and especially your brain. Your brain uses 12 times more oxygen than any other organ in your body. Not only do you think clearer but you have more energy! It is cyclical. Better breathing, better posture, more energy, fewer breaths, more efficient breathing. All this of course: breathing through your nose!

I often have my students do home work. I ask them to go to a store and watch the shoppers. Are the ones with poor posture mouth breathers? Do people look healthy? Why? Posture is a huge factor. Are people relying on a shopping cart to hold them up? DON’T be that person. Not only is it unhealthy, it is very unattractive!

For many years I volunteered in a Nursing Home with my assorted animals. Many of the residents were Alzheimer’s patients. Every one of them had the same things in common. They had horrible posture and were mouth breathers. They couldn’t breathe!! How well is the brain going to work without enough oxygen? They also were consistently very dehydrated!! I have had lengthy discussions on this topic and I am convinced I am right. But in the world of allopathic drugs, that is what is prescribed. Treat the symptom, not the problem. Perhaps it is not 100% of the problem. Maybe it is. Air and water.

So, tweek your posture. Remind yourself often to drink, breathe and stand/sit tall. Perhaps make a mark on your hand and every time you see it, take an inventory and see how you are doing. So much about good health is about being aware. Good habits will be created and you will feel better and have more energy.

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