This photo is this morning on the beach after class.  I am holding the 2 plaques from the ‘Top 40 Business Professionals in Venice’.  We got the most votes (no surprise) than any other ‘business’.  The best part was Christine Robinson was there and I got to walk by her and stare her down (for those that don’t know about lovely Christine, she is the County P & Rec. Dept head that went to war with the yoga class when she decided to charge us $7,000/year to teach free yoga on a free beach to taxpayers and tourists).  She was embarrassed and looked it.  It was a classic shock on her face.  I had such fun!

 It was a very fancy affair with a vodka bar (that’s right up my alley, NOT) and lots of fancy stuff.  Fran and I got all gussied up too.   Our award, and it is OUR reward to all of us on the beach that makes this so special, made us really stand out in the crowd.  We are a community within the community.  Pretty sure many top Professionals were surprised by the intro I got, the most votes of anyone.    I am so lucky.

It really was an honor, but sort of funny too.  I appreciate what my students have done for me and for all of us on the beach.

Thank you.

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