The group at Crow Lake, Ontario, Canada

School House - Group at Crow Lake 2Four of Elin’s acolytes who have experienced the wonders of Yoga on the Beach in Venice, and who spend summers at their cottages in Crow Lake, Canada, have been enjoying morning yoga sessions with Elin at the local schoolhouse via her DVD’s. The old schoolhouse, which now serves as a community center, has been defunct as a rural, one-room school for many years. Keeping it maintained and upgraded, with taxes paid is a difficult task in this tiny village. But true to the socially conscious spirit that is Elin, we the “yoga ladies” as we are affectionately known, leave a donation each morning, and contribute the accumulated funds to the schoolhouse “executive” to keep it alive and well. With only a handful of participants, anywhere from 4 to 8 members, we have collected as much as $600.00 in the summer season!

Yoga Ladies of Group at Crow LakeRecently, we received the gift of Elin’s latest DVD from her. That newest DVD, featuring the “witches cauldron” and the “pendulum” has certainly added to the fun and camaraderie that we enjoy every morning. This is currently season 4 for our meeting as Elin’s “satellite” group and experiencing the awesome benefits of yoga while away from the real thing at Venice Beach.

We miss you but love your DVD.
Best from,
Helen and Anne-Marie

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